Tuesday, July 19, 2016

0 How to travel solo anywhere and be safe

Know 3 tips to travel solo anywhere with safety from Justin Urbas

Traveling solo is a passion of lots of tourists and probably you too fall under this category. However, the experiences of visiting your dream destinations alone are different than those when you are traveling in a group. In different cases, it is observed that the solo travelers especially women are more vulnerable to attack at unknown places. But, still there is no need to worry. Here, Justin Urbas suggested few tips for the solo travelers. You can follow these tips to avoid any unwanted situation during your vacations.

Carry some important things: When you are traveling alone, carry the important things that you will need frequently. These will include adequate amount of cash, water, map, guide book and a phrase book. If you carry all these things, you will not need to depend on anyone else to make trips to your favorite destinations in an unknown city.

Prefer public transportation: While traveling in a new place, you should try to use the public transportation instead of privately owned vehicles. Although making trips using public bus or train can be more time consuming, Justin Urbas considers that it ensures more safety for you.

Dress like locals: This tip is more important for solo women travelers. While traveling in a less known place, the female travelers should try to wear modest dresses. Otherwise you might find yourself a at the center of attention wherever you are going and obviously, such situations are not desired always. It will be the best if you dress like local women.

Before visiting any place, you should spend some time on internet to collect information about the potential destinations. It will help you stay aware of the local accommodations, food, culture and customs at your chosen destination. Even Justin Urbas suggests that you should try to know the few words in the local languages also so that you can mix with local people easily.


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