Sunday, December 18, 2016

0 Naughty Travel: How 'Libertine Tourism' Is Becoming A Growing Industry

First, we're not talking about sexual tourism, which is linked to prostitution and illegal practices in most countries according to all dictionaries definitions. While its raison d’etre is certainly related to sex, “tourism libertine” or “naughty journeys” is a way of traveling that's finding a lucrative niche in the tourism industry.

"Neither classical tourism nor sex tourism linked to prostitution, libertine tourism could be defined as the sector that is interested in libertinage, that is to say the joyful pleasure of the body,” Wikipedia says. “Libertines and swingers who practice group sexuality, free and not paid, can frequent tourist establishments reserved for them through travel agencies specialized in these tourist services.”

Cruises, trains, palaces, villas, chalets, hotels, B&Bs and even campsites are among the growing choice of establishments specializing in licentiousness. They include programs for long stays, weekends or just “an evening of escape,” as described by one travel agency in the sector.

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