Monday, January 30, 2017

0 Justin Urbas - What is the GoAbroad Meaningful Travel Manifesto?

In early 2016, Megan Lee, the Director of, was struck with an idea: what if we could use to the power of the internet to mobilize a large group of people to commit to more intentional travel? What could that look like?

“While you can learn a thing or two simply by entering and observing foreign communities, without thoughtful intentions and purposeful reflection/conversations, travelers end up wasting the learning opportunity at hand.”

Born shortly after was the GoAbroad Meaningful Travel Manifesto, a public forum for individuals to pledge their commitment to more meaningful travel. We sat down with Megan to talk more about the campaign and what drove the team to launch it.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

0 Justin Urbas - Sadie's School Backpack Tour!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

0 Justin Urbas - These Captivating Pictures Will Make You Want To Explore Bhutan Immediately

Bhutan – a slice of a Himalayan kingdom is a land of mountains, monasteries and magic. With its fascinating culture, symmetrical architectures, lush greenery, unpretentious nature of the people, and the undying love for their king, Bhutan made me wonder about its own land. Bordering with India and China, this small country is one of the most captivating countries I have ever traveled to.  My epic road trip to Bhutan took me on a journey of a lifetime where I discovered Bhutan like never before.  A country where you will not find a single traffic light except one in Thimphu, where rice is red and chilies aren’t just a seasoning, but it makes to the main dish, where every Bhutanese is protective about their religion and at the same time you will find phalluses painted on the walls of  people’s home. Also referred as The Last Shangri-La, you will be fairly surprised to see everyone wearing their national dress and photo frame of their King and Queen everywhere, from office to home. Bhutan has folded mystery in many layers. What hooked me completely in this Kingdom was not just the alluring landscapes, but people’s efforts to preserve their rich cultural heritage, to make their environment a carbon neutral and the philosophy of Gross National Happiness.

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

0 Justin Urbas - A Career as a Travel Agency Consultant

Sunday, January 8, 2017

0 Justin Urbas - The Tongass Needs Travelers, Before It’s Too Late

Instead, there’s a lake. Water so still it holds the sun on its surface. An emerald forest shimmering on its banks. You’re in a kayak, in the middle of that lake, in a world where pink and orange dusk lasts for hours.

I moved here when I was young enough that the forest feels like home now.

Thirty years ago, my mom opened a small salmon smoking-and-canning business that was only supposed to be a weekend enterprise for a little extra money. I worked there when the business and I were both young.

I’ve come and gone many times over the years. These trees have always brought me peace.

I now live in Klawock, a town that takes its name from the sound of a raven’s call. I often hear the big black birds crying “klawock” as they swoop among the old red cedars on my property.

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Thursday, January 5, 2017

0 Myanmar – dream land of backpackers by Justin Urbas

Myanmar is famous by a huge number of pagodas, temples and religious constructions. Going to Myanmar is not only to discovering one of the most mysterious culture in the world but also to enjoying the wild natural and wonderful landscape of the tropical countries. Among many sites and places, there are some suggestions for who do not decide where to go in Myanmar yet.

General Information: Inle Lake stays in Nyaung Shwe in the south of Shan State. With the total area of 13 x 7 miles, it is one of the two biggest lakes in Myanmar. There are many minorities groups live in villages around the lake. Among them, Innthars is the largest group. The people are famous by the unique technique to rowing boat: using their own legs.

If you are fans of adventure tours on high mountains, go to Shan State! Satisfying weather, green mountains behind clouds and blue lake on the mountain, Shan State will welcome visitors with smile. Local people wear colorful dresses and make pleasant environment to any people. Besides, you will have chance to observe the typical way to move boat of these people.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

0 Justin Urbas - Where To Eat In Seville Right Now

In the years since Ferran Adria’s now shuttered El Bulli propelled Spain to the top of the world’s gastronomic scale, the culinary wizardry of the north--Barcelona, San Sebastian and environs-- has been documented thoroughly. But down south in Andalusia, the culinary scene is also active, particularly in Seville and not just in the city’s most famous creation, tapas.

But, of course, there are great tapas. The four locations of the tapas bar La Azotea are known for consistently excellent quality, helpful service and creative combinations of ingredients such as Iberian pork cheek in red wine sauce with a goat cheese gratin and cold almond soup with mango, dried tuna and basil oil. But if there are giant red prawns that day, they should not be missed. With a no reservations policy at dinner, the tables at all locations are usually jammed but if you follow a U.S. dining schedule (7:30-8:00) and not the Spanish timetable that runs several hours later, it’s easy to get in.

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