Sunday, January 22, 2017

0 Justin Urbas - These Captivating Pictures Will Make You Want To Explore Bhutan Immediately

Bhutan – a slice of a Himalayan kingdom is a land of mountains, monasteries and magic. With its fascinating culture, symmetrical architectures, lush greenery, unpretentious nature of the people, and the undying love for their king, Bhutan made me wonder about its own land. Bordering with India and China, this small country is one of the most captivating countries I have ever traveled to.  My epic road trip to Bhutan took me on a journey of a lifetime where I discovered Bhutan like never before.  A country where you will not find a single traffic light except one in Thimphu, where rice is red and chilies aren’t just a seasoning, but it makes to the main dish, where every Bhutanese is protective about their religion and at the same time you will find phalluses painted on the walls of  people’s home. Also referred as The Last Shangri-La, you will be fairly surprised to see everyone wearing their national dress and photo frame of their King and Queen everywhere, from office to home. Bhutan has folded mystery in many layers. What hooked me completely in this Kingdom was not just the alluring landscapes, but people’s efforts to preserve their rich cultural heritage, to make their environment a carbon neutral and the philosophy of Gross National Happiness.

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