Sunday, January 8, 2017

0 Justin Urbas - The Tongass Needs Travelers, Before It’s Too Late

Instead, there’s a lake. Water so still it holds the sun on its surface. An emerald forest shimmering on its banks. You’re in a kayak, in the middle of that lake, in a world where pink and orange dusk lasts for hours.

I moved here when I was young enough that the forest feels like home now.

Thirty years ago, my mom opened a small salmon smoking-and-canning business that was only supposed to be a weekend enterprise for a little extra money. I worked there when the business and I were both young.

I’ve come and gone many times over the years. These trees have always brought me peace.

I now live in Klawock, a town that takes its name from the sound of a raven’s call. I often hear the big black birds crying “klawock” as they swoop among the old red cedars on my property.

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