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0 Some Interesting Places To Explore on Your Travels byJustin Urbas

Traveling the world or within one’s own country can be on the most fulfilling experiences one can enjoy in their lives. Traveling is not only an opportunity for sightseeing and unplugging from the everyday rat race. It can also be a learning experience, as you get to meet new people, see new places and witness different cultures. Once you choose a travel destination, it is important to gain knowledge about the travel, food and accommodation options. There are so many interesting places to see in the world, where you can travel with your family and friends, or just enjoy a solo backpacking adventure.

The first thing one needs to decide while planning a trip is the budget, which can be economical or luxurious. Once that is decided, the next step is looking for the right options. Looking online can help you find various choices of hotels, resorts, airfare deals and other amenities. You can find attractive discounts on travel, food and accommodation costs from various travel websites. These can make your overall experience so much better, while reducing your budgets.

Travel industry experts like David Justin Urbas help travelers find the best deals, and offer valuable tips to help them make the most out of their travels. They can suggest the best places to travel to based on your trip durations and budgets. Experienced travel agents also handle queries regarding travel insurance options, and more. So where can you head off to on your travels? Let’s look at some of the most exciting places around the world.

Top Travel Destinations That Offer an Amazing Experience

Greece - The historic country in the Mediterranean is a favorite for many Western travelers and quite economical too. Its various key locations include Parthenon, Acropolis, Samaria Gorge, Mykonos, Crete, Santorini, and much more.

Paris - The capital of France is one of the most famous cities in the world, and very much a part of Europe’s cultural fabric. It is ideal for romantic trips, but also if you are just interested in some sightseeing. Must see attractions include Musee d'Orsay, the Eiffel Tower, Champs-Élysées, the Louvre, Catacombs etc.

Istanbul - The Turkish capital is at the centre of the world and has been an important location for several millennia now. It is the marketplace of the world, and can offer an amazing and exotic experience. Places to explore within the city include Topkapı Palace, Grand Bazaar, Galata Tower, Hippodrome of Constantinople and much more.

Thailand - If you want to witness the best of budget travel on pristine beaches and tropical fun, Thailand has many great options for you. Several locations including Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Mekong, Phuket, Pattaya, Krabi, are must visit on your Southeast Asian trip. Vibrant nightlife, interesting cuisine and several enjoyment options make Thailand a favorite for many.

Apart from these, there are many other interesting travel locations around the world including Prague, Egypt, Morocco, Indonesia, Singapore, Nepal, New Zealand and Italy. By following some simple travel etiquette and being open minded, you can have the time of your life. 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

0 David Justin Urbas: Useful Tips and Benefits of Traveling Anyone Can Experience

Travel is a mind refreshing and physically rejuvenating experience that many of us choose to participate in throughout our lives. Whether its nearby travel, or trips to exotic foreign locations, the benefits of regular travel cannot be understated. Most of us who get bored and tired of our daily lives, look for a way out. A short trip can be the perfect escape, where you gather new experiences. It is the much needed release we all need in our lives, to break the cycle of mundane daily chores and responsibilities. If you are eager to travel somewhere with your friends and family, or on a solitary backpacking trip, it might be the time to pack your bags and bring out the sunscreen.

No matter where you currently reside, there are ample travel destinations which can offer a fulfilling and soul cleansing experience. Whether you prefer beaches, mountains, urban tourist hotspots etc., doing a bit of research can help you. There are some things you need to keep in mind before you pack your bags and book your reservations.

Notable travel service operators like David Justin Urbas help people get better travel experiences. You can get in touch with such experts if you’re having a hard time deciding on your travel plans. Let's look at some travel tips which everyone should know below.

Simple Travel Tips for Everyone

1. Gain proper knowledge about the place you are traveling to
2. Know about the various transportation methods to and from your destination
3. Do some research to make a list of the major attractions and sightseeing spots.
4. Find and purchase a quality travel insurance plan, which protects you and your belongings.
5. Find the best accommodation options within your budgets and expectations.
6. Try to pack light or your luggage becomes a burden that you need to carry around.
7. Have emergency contacts on speed dial who you can contact in case of an emergency.
8. Inform your bank, credit card company and definitely your workplace about your travel plans.
9. Pack all the necessities including different sets of clothes, sunscreen, first aid, GPS, face towels, language guides etc.
10. If you are traveling to a foreign country with a different language, try to learn some key phrases and words beforehand.
11. Do some online research to find the best deals on hotels, flights, trains, buses etc.
12. Keep an open mind and enjoy your travels. Come back refreshed with many stories to tell.

Some Key Benefits of Traveling

Peace of mind - Freedom from the daily hustle is not a luxury, but a necessity which many of us end up ignoring. Instead, traveling to your favorite location, experiencing it fully, and breathing easy for a few days can do a world of wonders.

New experiences - You get to learn so much about the lifestyle, culture, history and norms of different locations on your travels. This knowledge is vital to our growth as broad minded individuals.

Stress buster - If you are overstressed, travel can often be the best medicine for you. A short trip to somewhere nearby, or a long trip abroad can help you feel quite fresh and revitalized. Travel is the way of saying goodbye to accumulated stress.

If you have been contemplating a much needed trip, maybe it's time to finally embark on the journey. Follow the travel tips mentioned above and have the time your life. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

0 7 Key Travel Tips for First Time Travelers by Justin Urbas

Traveling is one of the best passions any individual can have in their lives and it's an enriching experience. In our busy lives, we fall into a cycle of work, eat, sleep and repeat. A trip to the hills, or the beach can leave you refreshed and re-energized. If you have been planning a holiday for a long time, maybe it's time to make it a reality. Travel is one of those hobbies that helps us unplug from our hectic schedules and learn more about the culture and history of a place, and witness its sights and sounds. Whether you want to travel within your country or wish to explore the world, there are some travel tips you can follow.

If you are looking forward to around the world, catching up on some travel tips can make your experience a better one. Travel blogger Justin Urbas is an avid traveler and tour agency owner, who offers tips on how to have the perfect trips around the world. There are some common tips that all travelers can benefit from. Let’s have a look -

Top Travel Tips That Can Give You A Better Experience

1. Do your research - If you are traveling to a foreign country or somewhere within your country, you need to do some research. This includes research about traveling to the place, its food and accommodation options, and sightseeing/ attractions if any. This will help you make the most out of your trip.

2. Create a to-do list - Making a list of the activities that you are going to perform when you get there, should be done prior to the trip. Plan out each day and which sightseeing spots you intend to visit, or the activities you want to participate in.

3. Learn local tongues - If you are traveling to a place where the locals speak a completely different language, it is a good idea to learn some basic words and phrases. That ensures better communication and reduces linguistic barriers.

4. Pack light - You do not want to be dragging around a lot of luggage when you are traveling, as there is a chance it might get stolen or lost. Instead, pack only the basics that you need, and a few items which you want.

5. Be insured - Travel insurance is a must in case an emergency occurs while you are on your trip. It is a necessity to protect against medical emergencies, lost luggage, and other possible mishaps.

6. Stay financially secure - It is a good decision to inform your bank or credit card service providers about your travel plans.

7. Have emergency contacts - Let your friends, family or colleagues know where you are going, and for how long. In case an emergency occurs and you lose communication, they will be on alert.

By following these basic travel tips you can vastly improve your travel experience. Always keep an open mind while on your travels, and have the time of your life.  

Thursday, May 4, 2017

0 Besides Volunteering Your Seat, Try These Routes To Cheaper Flying

Voluntarily giving up her seat on a Delta Airlines flight scored Forbes contributor Laura Begley Bloom $11,000. Besides bumping, try these tricks she shared for saving cash in the clouds.

Get a free hotel night. Some airlines will accommodate you for long layovers, providing a hotel room to ease your stay. From Tokyo to Turkey, here's a list of airports that offer a free city tour to ease the boredom.

Fast-track to elite status. Try a status challenge, like this Southwest Airlines offer: Book three to six trips within 90 days, and then get six months of A-list status.

Never lose miles. Sign up for, and get notifications anytime your numbers change or are nearing expiration.

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